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Nuno’s Method

The experience acquired during 2 decades in Portugal and Spain, teaching children, young people and adults, has made me develop an inclusive and integrative approach where the student is at the centre of the learning process.

Our classes are tailored to the needs, difficulties, objectives and profile of each student. The teacher acts as a counsellor and tutor, creating a positive atmosphere that allows free communication and generates constant motivation to evolve.

We offer a quite flexible timetable so that it’s easier to reconcile Portuguese classes with other daily activities.

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What do you need?

The most important thing is to be willing to learn in a fun and open atmosphere! In addition, you only need a device with internet connection and a camera to ensure communication. In case you experiment technical difficulties, we will help you to set everything up so that it works properly.

A pencil or a pen and paper can be useful for you to take your notes and jottings.

All support material such as worksheets, videos, audios, texts, etc… will be sent to you in digital format for free.

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Classes and courses

Portuguese for everyone! With a native teacher.

Our classes are adapted to all levels (from A1 to C2 – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and to all objectives/goals:

  • preparation courses for CAPLE (official exams)
  • conversation classes
  • ERASMUS students
  • in-company training
  • classes for children and young people

During the lessons there will be activities designed to develop oral and written comprehension as well as oral and written expression. Special focus is placed on phonetics and pronunciation, grammar and the functioning of the language, vocabulary development and knowledge of the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Individual classes allow for more personalised attention. This type of class develops the structuring and organisation of content, in order to maximise progression in the skills needed to master the 4 fundamental language skills: listening skills, oral expression, written expression and reading skills. They are suitable for all student profiles. They are particularly effective for students who are beginning the learning process, for those who already have a basic or intermediate level and want to improve, and also for those who are preparing for official exams.

The main objective of group classes is to develop the necessary competences to hold fluent conversations, communicate orally with an audience, make presentations and communicate at a distance using a variety of devices. In this model, the emphasis is on interaction with other students, under the guidance and mediation of the teacher, while developing various topics and themes. These are moments which allow students to perfect their oral expression and listening skills, while developing their lexical and vocabulary skills and dealing with topics of Portuguese-speaking culture.

Choose the model that best suits your needs and objectives. You can choose individual or group classes (minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants). We can also design a hybrid model that combines both models (individual and group) to meet your needs and objectives.


Starting at 25 € per session.

Individual classes, training courses for companies, preparation for official CAPLE exams, group conversation classes and more.

We design a unique plan for you considering your learning profile, available time and goals.

Find the perfect plan for you! Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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